Benchmark Ryzen5 3600, Ryzen9 5950, Ryzen7 7700, Ryzen9 7950X3D, Intel i9 13900

Helping customer to choose new server. Doing some benchmarks with sysbench tool and WordPress plugin (

Customer asked me to benchmark servers, that are available at their supplier. Their primary business is shared hosting, running different Linux distributions. All tests were done using empty and freshly installed Debian12. Also check out tests on 80-core ARM64 based server.

Sysbench CPU benchmark

Total score by sysbench utility running 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 concurrent threads. CPU score points grow until number of threads reach actual number of physical cores. Intel i9 13900 with its efficient and power-cores can not catch big brothers with full speed cores.

Interesting, that Ryzen7 7700 performs even better, than much more expensive Ryzen9 7950X3D. But only until number of active threads matches number of physical cores.

WPBenchmark, CPU tests

All modern CPUs are doing great job in WPBenchmark tests. Even under heavy load – they manage to show great performance. This particular test shows importance of newer CPU generation. And very unpredictable results for Intel i9! Looks like its efficient (read – slow) cores are kicking in quite fast. As you might have heard – efficient cores are based on some old CPU generation structure and as we see here – once Intel gets some real load – efficient cores are struggling to provide same level performance.

WPBenchmark, MySQL benchmark results

Looks like latest MySQL is fine-tuned for the latest generation CPUs. But again something happens to server equipped with Intel i9 – while being amazingly fast without any load – under the load it becomes noticeable slower. At the same time both Ryzen CPUs (7700 and 7950X3D) keep showing consistent results regardless their workload.

Aslo with complex MySQL queries (those, which use joins and multiple tables) situation is quite similar. Latest generation CPUs keep their performance at some consistent level, previous generation CPUs perform slower, but Intel’s i9 13900 at some point becomes much slower and has its performance fluctuating.

WordPress benchmark with Apache Benchmark tool

These tests simulate simultaneous requests to the webpage. Servers were benchmarked with different count of concurrent requests.

Old Ryzen5 3600 is not able to compete with last generation CPUs. I had to remote it from the last benchmark with 100 concurrent requests, as its results were move 2.5seconds.

Other Ryzen’s in general show stable performance throughout all tests. The only exception is Ryzen7 7700 – with it’s 8 cores it is definitely not able to handle 100 concurrent requests, especially when compared to bigger brothers with 32 threads onboard.

Intel i9 13900 once again is a disappointment. Once we are over number of its 8 performance cores – overall performance drops unequally and it becomes slower, than 3 years old Ryzen9 5950X.

Price, cost effectiveness and conclusions

We are getting closer to conclusion. I have configured other specs for each server to be similar – 128GB ECC RAM and similar amount of storage. As you can see on the first image – their prices per month are quite close to each other.

For 8 active threads – the best price per performance is won by Ryzen7 7700 – really amazingly fast CPU. But as it only has 8 cores (and 16 threads) – when we push server to use 32 threads – it looses against latest Ryzen9 7950X3D and previous generation Ryzen9 5950X.

A very sad store for the Intel. While being the most expensive – it never shows the best performance.

My personal choice would be either Ryzen9 5950X or Ryzen9 7950X3D and it would depend more on the storage options and availability.

WPBenchmark full results

Ryzen5 3600Ryzen7 7700Ryzen9 5950XRyzen9 7950X3DIntel i9 13900
0% loadviewviewviewviewview
25% loadviewviewviewviewview
50% loadviewviewviewviewview
100% loadviewviewviewviewview
150% loadviewviewviewviewview
4 threadsviewviewviewviewview

P.S: if you want me to do more benchmarks, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

New CPU benchmark – ARM64 based Ampere Altra 80-30.

Benchmark was done in July 2023.

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