New email password scam

Hackers were trying to get user passwords for quite a while. Usually they will send you an email, like it would be from your hosting or administrator. Email would say, that you need to confirm your password or that your email disk quota is running low and you need to login to webmail to clear it.

In that email there would be a button to different page, which looks like your webmail login. But any submitted information is posted and stored at hacker server. This is most simple way for them to get your password. They don’t have to guess – the simply have to send you an email and let you fill up this information.

Today I have received new type of such emails. Text of the email says, that my password will expire in one day and that I have to login to webmail and follow instructions. Please beware and do not trust such emails! Always check the link in your emails and better contact your administrator or hosting provider – most hosting services do not use expiring passwords.