Protect WordPress from password hijackers and login abusers

For a long time WordPress login script has been a target on our servers.

Hackers are constantly trying to login into WordPress with random usernames and passwords and this always create unnecessary load and problems. Regular WordPress plugins, e.g. Wordfence, does address this issue, but as they still remain plugins – the whole WordPress machine has to be loaded before request is stopped.

Therefore we created this new plugin, which aim is to catch failed login attempts and if required – block visitor’s IP using different technique – by generating rule in .htaccess file, that will restrict access to the whole website before any PHP script is executed.

This might sounds very dractic, but yet – it is very powerful, resource-wise lightweight and simple solution to block abusers from accessing and abusing your website.

You can find more about this plugin here:

Plugin page at WordPress directory:

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